Hello, I am Gaurav Chandra
Software Development Consultant or CTO for Hire

I have more than 10 years of experience as a Developer and I ran my own company for 2 years. I develop softwares and work as a consultant to companies who need to establish an IT Infrastructure/strategy or need software development done. I bring my technical and business knowledge to the table.

I code in PHP/MySQL for developing web applications and Phonegap/Titanium for developing Android and iOS mobile applications.

Who are my clients?

My clients are startups and individuals who want to create either a dynamic website or a software for their company or personal use. For example, a startup looking for a technical co-founder or a designer looking for some development work or a small agency looking to hire a senior person for short term.

How I work?

I work on contract basis for a pre-determined time period depending on the requirements. Working on contract basis helps me in keeping your cost under control and also I have existing clients to support but if you give a very lucrative offer, I might consider working full time for you.

I can work remotely for you if you are not in Delhi NCR or in your office for fixed number of days if you are in Delhi NCR.

I am open to travel outside Delhi NCR also, if it is very important and require in-person meetings, provided they are not very frequent.

Want to know how much I charge?

My charges depend on the time period and complexity of the project. They are in sync with the industry standard if you hire me for consulting with no definite end for the project.

Still think you will not be able to afford me? Don't worry. I have other plans too. Just shoot me an email at .


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I have worked on lot of projects in the last 10 years, some are still functional and some are closed. Many projects are under NDA so I cannot list them out here but I can share them face to face.

  1. www.kathana.in
  2. www.swarnshreejewels.com
  3. www.liveluster.in
  4. www.sigmatest.org
  5. www.lab360.co.in
  6. www.labgo.in
  7. www.ejewelbay.com

Apart from the list of projects above, I have also worked for Coca Cola, Logitech, Qatar Airways and some more big companies. In the field of mobile apps, I created a hybrid android app which tracks the field staff of the company in real time and keeps feeding the control center with their coordinates.


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I am based out of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

  • Sector - 37, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Bitcoin Address

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I prefer payments in Bitcoin as I am very bullish on this crypto currency.

My Bitcoin address is: 17ETYwFMLUGAcDEa17owfrfXErBBV1DSQ8 or scan the qr code